Basel Uraiqat is a Jordanian architect, designer and artist. He studied fine arts at Slade School of Fine Arts – UCL, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from the University of Jordan. He is a co-founder of Atelier Uraiqat, an experimental design studio that integrates art, design, critical theory and technology. Basel is also a co-founder of Uraiqat Architects, an architecture and interior design firm for which he is the Director.

Basel is specialized in digital design and seeks to integrate design and art through a contemporary methodology that uses technologically advanced tools to create experientially enhanced spaces and objects.

In addition to his work in design and architecture, Basel is a painter for the human figure through an expressionist study of light, color, and emotion. In his paintings he exploits the intuitive dimensions of representation to expose natural form. Through the distortion and violence of scale, texture and movement, his work looks for the inner perceptive possibilities of the human mind.

Basel has participated in intensive international workshops in environmental and digital design, and his work in art and design has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions in Amman, London and Shanghai.




2017                           Amman Design Week, Amman, X3 Cube Installation

2017                           Nabad Art Gallery, Amman, Lines of Escape solo exhibition

2015                           Katara, Doha, International Mini Art 2

2014                           La Fontaine Center for Contemporary Art, Bahrain, Periphery Shifted Exhibition

2014                           Nabad Gallery, Amman , Bold Impressions- Group Exhibition

2014                           Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen

2014                           Art Basel, Basel

2014                           Katara Center for the Arts, Doha, Group Exhibition

2014                           Design Days Dubai, Dubai , TRI Angulate Collection

2013                           Jacaranda Images Gallery, Amman, “Carving Shadows” Design Exhibition

2012                           Nabad Gallery,  Amman, TrendSetting III – Design Exhibition

2010                           Zara Exhibition Space – Sunny Art Fair, Amman, Strayed in Schizophrenic Landscapes of a Celibate Machine

2010                           Zara Gallery,  Amman, Group Exhibition- Featured Artist

2010                           Sunny Art Fair,  Amman, Architist Section

2008                           Jara Gallery, Amman, Group Exhibition

2008                           The French Cultural Center,  Amman, Solo Exhibition “Dispersed Expressions”

2006                           Slade School of Fine Arts , London, Group Exhibition